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Microsoft office 365
Microsoft office 365
My school device does not have full version of excel installed just the mobile version. Can I get the full version on here as the mobile version is unable to complete the tasks I need it to do.

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Anti Virus Software Article rated 3.3/5.0
Free Anti Virus software    
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Article rated 3.3/5.0
Free Anti-Malware
Adobe Shockware to watch videos on a web page Article rated 3.2/5.0
Adobe Flash player to watch flash items on a web page Article rated 3.2/5.0
 make sure to uncheck the McAfee security scan plus file download!!!!
Software needed for companion web site for online experience class Article not rated yet
Make sure you have Flash and Shockwave player installed. Below are the links to download each one. Once you have download each one install each program.
Check if Flash Player is installed on your computer Article rated 3.0/5.0
Go to the following link below and follow the directions on the page
Download the latest version of Flash Player Article rated 3.2/5.0
Download the latest version of Flash Player If you don't have the latest version, download it here: Adobe Flash Player download  
Enable Flash Player in your browser Article rated 3.2/5.0
Enable Flash Player in your browser For Internet Explorer, see Enabling Flash Player | Internet Explorer.
Microsoft Office viewers Article not rated yet
Download Center Click on the link below to be take to the download area for the office viewers
Check your version of JAVA Article rated 3.3/5.0
Click on the link below and follow the directions
What software is needed to view or attend sessions in Big Blue Button? Article not rated yet
Students will need JAVA and Adobe Flash in order to use or join the meeting in the Big Blue Button make
Top 10 Best Screen Recording Software for Windows PC [Free & Paid] Article rated 3.3/5.0
click here
I am having trouble with my word account given to us by the school. It is office 365. My toolbar barely has anything on it that i need and it does not give me the option to customize my toolbar. Article not rated yet
  We need to verify that you are not using the online version or a version that came with your computer as it does not have all of the features. If so, must uninstall those first.  Reboot your compute...